Pilot Service

Pilot service is mandatory for all passenger ships with over 250 pax

AECO Community Guidelines

Are you interested in cooperating with the locals in the Arctic? Read AECO’s guidelines here

Man in zodiac near iceberg in Greenland, by Leif Taurer

Safety in arctic waters

In a number of incidents Zodiacs and dinghies have been used by cruise vessels to bring passengers within close proximity of icebergs and glaciers in Greenland.

Cruise guests landing with tender boats in Nuuk Old Harbour, by Visit Greenland

Recipe for a Successful Call

The call of a cruise ship to a Greenland port is always a welcome and happy occasion.

Nature Protection And Cultural History

The Arctic is fragile, vast and beautiful with pristine spaces and extreme climate, and a wealth of natural resources.

Cruise ship in Greenland near icebergs, by Mads Pihl

Icebergs Exercise Caution

Exercise caution when sailing near icebergs