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Icebergs, archipelagos, polar bears, sheep farms, the mighty Atlantic Ocean, and rugged mountainscapes help shape the exciting Nanortalik region in the southernmost part of South Greenland.



If you’re a nature lover, then Qeqertarsuaq on Disko Island is a place to put onto your bucket list. Because it’s not an understatement to say that the Disko Island is a natural volcanic wonder of Greenland.



A settlement with a population ranging from 90 to 150 residents dependent on the time of the year, this community north-east of Uummannaq is situated 500 kilometres above the Arctic Circle.



Itilleq is an island settlement near the town of Sisimiut and a popular cruise destination just north of the Arctic Circle.



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East Greenland

Few places inspire the imagination to wander as far and wide as the great expanses of North East Greenland where the tiny community of Ittoqqortoormiit serves as a gateway to the world’s largest national park.


West Greenland

Peppered with vibrant communities and the country’s capital, Western Greenland is a journey through landscapes rich in cultural history and natural beauty, and it is the region visited by most cruise travelers in Greenland.


South Greenland

The spectacularly icy, jagged coast around Tasiilaq welcomes travelers crossing the Northern Atlantic Ocean before the journey through Prins Christian Sound’s narrow corridor opens up to a landscape of snowy peaks, green pastures, and sheep farms nestled by ice fjords.


North Greenland

A thousand mile coastline and communities where kayaks and subsistence hunting mix with modern fishing shape the far northwest as you move closer to Qaanaaq and the northernmost settlements in the world.